Why We Recommend NASM Certification for NYC Students

At the American Academy of Personal Training School, we have partnered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to offer NASM certification in our schools in Boston as well as in NYC.


Our Advantages

There are other certification programs available, but we selected NASM after carefully considering the curriculum, the ability to provide a hands-on approach to training that would truly benefit our students, as well as the reputation of the curriculum and the competency and professional skills of graduates from the program.
Choosing NASM certification means that we offer a full 300 clock hours with our training program. This will prepare our students to complete the NASM certification exam, which is included in our tuition fees. Once the exam is successfully completed our students will be able to apply for the AAPT certificate as well as two NASM certificates, which is more comprehensive than the programs offered by other personal training schools in the area.

Additional Specialization

Once the NASM certification is granted, students have the ability to pursue specializations within NASM in performance enhancement and corrective exercise. These are great additional classes to take that offer different employment opportunities or the ability for a personal trainer to market their services to a niche audience.

Professional Support

The certification from NASM is a benefit to our students with national recognition of the certification. This means that even if students train in NYC, they can use their certificate in fitness facilities or in their own personal trainer business in any state and even internationally.
Additionally, certification through NASM will allow students to obtain professional insurance at a reduced cost, which is always a consideration for those working on building their own business. However, even gyms and fitness facilities are now requiring personal trainers to be certified, so it is quickly becoming the standard throughout the fitness industry. To learn more, call us today 212.242.2278 (Ney York) 617.267.2278 (Boston).