The Advantage of Attending Our Personal Training Institute In NYC

At American Academy of Personal Training School, we recognize that students in NYC interested in pursuing training in the field of fitness have a lot of different options to consider. There are university and college programs, online classes and of course, a variety of different personal training institute options in the city.

While all these options do exist, there are some significant benefits and advantages to attention our personal training institute over the other options. We have a lot of details on the website for your review, but here is a brief summary of what sets us apart from the others.

Expert Faculty

Reviewing our faculty and their resumes will provide you with insight into the quality of the training you can expect. At our facility, you will find all leaders in the fitness industry with years of working in a variety of settings from fitness facilities to hospitals as with teams, organizations and agencies.

NASM and AAPT Certifications Together

At American Academy of Personal Training School, you’ll earn a certificate of completion after 48 hours of hands-on instruction and be prepared for taking the NASM certification exam if you choose to do so.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that people have different opportunities to complete their training, so we design our 300-hour curriculum on a flexible schedule. All NYC students will take the same courses, but each can work on the schedule that works for them.

This includes full-time day classes, full-time summer classes, or part-time night or weekend classes. The duration of the course will depend on full or part-time attendance.

Payment Plans Available

To find out more about our 50% down payment plan, curriculum, schedule, and our program as a whole, contact the staff at American Academy of Personal Training School today. Call us at 212-242-2278 (New York).