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American Academy of Personal Training
Sep 13, 2017,
I loved how hands on AAPT's program was. It allowed for opportunities to see where you made errors and fix them. All of the resources and people that are available to the students are endless. You get to experience trainers training their clients, ask questions and learn from others in person. My teacher was Tennille and she was very helpful as a teacher. She was very thorough and gave extra information that I think really helped alot.
Aug 23, 2017,
Over all great
Jul 22, 2017,
The school is amazing and taught me a great deal. Switching careers from telesales to personal training is challenging, but the course definitely got me ready and up to speed. Now, I currently have a job at Equinox.
Jul 6, 2017,
I loved everything about the PT certificate program at AAPT! I was in Ciaran Cribbs class - an absolutely amazing instructor. I would like to say the BEST! I wholeheartedly believe that I could not have been in better hands and received better training than from him. He has a wealth of knowledge, brings it to his students in a serious, organized, understandable and interesting (and also entertaining) way and he has the hands on experience that helped us greatly to translate theory into real life. I looked forward to class each day and enjoyed every moment of the theoretical and practical portions of the course. As a new bee with little prior knowledge it was challenging but Ciaran was with us every step of the way and made sure that we understood, grasped and embodied not only the concepts but also the execution of the various forms that are part of personal training. I would and will highly recommend AAPT (and Ciaran) to anyone interested in Personal Training.
Jul 3, 2017,
AAPT is an incredible, standard and disciplinary school with fantastic teachers and helpful staffers who are 24/7 willing to help students achieving their career goals. I am so excited to acquire so much knowledge and information from this school and I will be sure proud to refer people to AAPT forum because AAPT is where you should be. A special thanks to my instructor Mr. C. Cribbs for his devotion and extra tutorial he has offered me and thank you the CEO of AAPT for using their platform to promote my Activewear business. I wish you everyone a successful stay at AAPT and good luck to new students. Bless.
Jun 30, 2017,
I had great experience. Program, progression and teacher was really good and helpful for me. I would like to learn more so I will go again. Thank you.
Jun 29, 2017,
Good school
Jun 28, 2017,
Overall the program was great!!! I learned so much from Ciaran. He was truly a wonderful teacher. My suggestion would be to update the gym and equipment and provide wipes for the mats and equipment.
Jun 26, 2017,
Great balance of lecture and practical application. Talk about the fundamentals and get to put them to use.
Jun 24, 2017,
The teachers are great as well as the environment. I highly recommend this school to anyone that wants a career as a CPT.
Jun 24, 2017,
A wonderful experience!! No regrets!! Lovely teachers, lots of excellent hands-on!! The learning process is great. Your not going to regret it!
Jun 23, 2017,
Class sizes should be limited to no more than 15. Floor participation should be mandatory and graded. Students should be graded on coaching and exercise performance periodically, not just during training practical. More emphasis should be placed on sales strategies/prospecting, soft skills involved in personal training
Jun 23, 2017,
I learned a lot and really enjoyed the experience.
Jun 12, 2017,
American Academy of Personal Training is a top knoch school. The combination of classroom instruction and hands on training is a cut above just in-class or online learning. The instructors are knowledgeable, patient, and make themselves available for inquiries even after class. They want you to succeed where others probably wouldn't care care.All the staff are professional and friendly. It really contributes to a comfortable, warm learning environment. I'm definitely recommending AAPT to any of my friends interested in becoming a fitness professional.
Jun 9, 2017,
I learned a lot in 4 months. The gym work in conjunction with class work has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to be able start my personal training career.
Jun 7, 2017,
Great place to learn and practice at the same time. Staff and instructors were very helpful and full of knowledge. Now I feel more confident and I am ready to apply everything I have accomplished.
Apr 5, 2017,
Great school, learn a ton more than what you think you know about exercise and more than you think you are capable of absorbing. Great, competent, caring teachers like Ciaran and Tenielle, good people all around you. Harry has done a great service by creating this program, if you want to go into the personal training/allied health field, you will not go wrong with AAPT!
Apr 5, 2017,
Wonderful school. Tennille is a dream teacher. Made learning fun, engaging, and made me hungry for more knowledge. I can already say and my clients witnessed my become a far better more confident trainer thanks to tennille and this school. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and it's all because of this place.
Apr 4, 2017,
My teacher Ciaran was very good. He provided me with enough knowledge to have a lot of confidence going into the personal training industry. The School offers both classroom and hands on experience that's great. In my personal opinion I can honestly say this is one of the best schools out there.
Mar 31, 2017,
Excellent training - in the classroom and in the gym. The hands-on approach utilized here more than prepared me for working as an independent fitness instructor. I used the assignments, projects and knowledge gained to open my business and contact potential clients with confidence. Much more of an education than I expected. Thank you to the patient and knowledgeable staff and the welcoming atmosphere.
Mar 31, 2017,
Great experience. Learned a lot.
Mar 31, 2017,
Great experience. Great people. Loved it. Definitely worth it!
Mar 29, 2017,
Excellent balance of classroom learning and hands on learning. Would NOT have learned all that I did, in the timeframe i did through just a classroom setting. Staff are 100% supportive and empower you to be successful in the personal training career. Professor is highly knowledgeable, clear and fair across rules/regulation, dependable, reliable and realistic or up to date with today's issues and concerns. Recommend AAPT 100% to anyone interested in health and fitness as a career and/or as a course for self education!
Mar 28, 2017,
Very well organized and professional, from the staff to the facility. AAPT perfectly prepared me for and helped me secure my current personal training job. I couldn't be more happy with the education and career help I received from AAPT and have recommended them to multiple people already.
Mar 28, 2017,
AAPT is the best! From my education at AAPT I have been able to launch a successful personal training business in Monterey, CA. I was able to get into a big box gym at first when I got to CA by showing them the AAPT program and from there I have been able to branch out on my own and now rent at a small gym with private clients. I have to say that thus far, AAPT was the wisest educational investment I have ever made. I have been able to put myself through a masters program while earning enough from my work as a personal trainer. Since fitness is my passion, working in personal training while in school does not add any stress to my life and is something I truly love to do. My AAPT degree paid itself off super quick (certainly can't say that about my BA!) and it has become a lucrative pursuit. The education has proven to be sound, and my programming is still based on the basis of what I learned at AAPT. The system works, and I have had numerous success with a variety of clients. I really cannot recommend AAPT enough! There is so much you can do with an AAPT degree.
Mar 27, 2017,
Great school to go to. I loved everything about the school especially the fact the it was hands on. I would recommend everybody who wants to be great trainer to go to AAPT.
Mar 27, 2017,
Such a great school! Everyone is super kind and helpful. Extremely knowledgeable trainers and a very hands-on program! I love the 6 months I was there. Awesome awesome place!
Mar 26, 2017,
Awesome program, very knowledgeable instructors, and it was a hands on learning experience like no other program out there.
Mar 26, 2017,
Great pt school with probably the only one being accredited in MA. Shout out to Ted & Amy for helping me when I need help. Like how they are associate with multiple gyms/studios which helps to ease the application process. Learned a lot which then makes me want to learn more than I wanted to before because of how educational/fun the class was,
Mar 25, 2017,
Amazing experience so happy I decided to come to AAPT they helped me make my dreams a reality
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Whenever I need to hire personal trainers, my first call is to AAPT

I have been with NYSC since September 2009. Whenever I need to hire personal trainers, my first call is to AAPT. I credit AAPT with a good portion of my success.

Lou Bonomi, AAPT 2008
Fitness Services Manager, NYSC

Fantastic School

We have a lot of respect for this program. Great source for quality personal trainers that are passionate about fitness and helping people.

24 Hour Fitness

Very pleased with the outcome

The job fair provided us with excellent candidates that can possibly become top trainers within our company. We have been to quite a few fairs now and are very pleased with the outcome.
Boom Fitness

I would totally come again!

This Career Expo was a great experience! It was nice to see the students excited to begin their training career. I would totally come again. We’ve hired 4 students in the past from your academy and they have been very successful to this day. Thanks for having us.
Felix & Rachael

I owe my success to AAPT

Hannah Davis
Body by Hannah Fitness Studio

The Best!

The best school for fitness education in NYC. “Teachers are too cool!”
Rolling Thunder Inspirations

Excellent program!

Sophie Newman

The Best!

My instructor, Ciaran Cribbs, was amazing! The best!
Wendy Muckell

A Great Experience!

AAPT has been a Great experience as a student and trainer help me understand more how our body works and function, I recommend any trainers or students to AAPT, is a great experience and knowledge.
Enrique Monroy

A perfect way to establish connections

I believe the job fair is a perfect way to establish connections as a future graduate. I gathered business cards and met with people I might of not have outside of this.
Katherine Higuita

Very interesting and useful

Very interesting and useful. In three month I got the knowledge that I would be able to get on my own from books in years. Lots of practice!!!

A great school!

AAPT is a great school, and I learned a lot more than I thought I was going to.
Randy Cook

I am now a very successful Fitness Professional, thanks to AAPT!

Choosing AAPT was one of the best decisions of my life. AAPT gave me the much needed hands-on experience that no online certification could have given me! I did end up obtaining an additional
certification for my current job, but the knowledge that I gained at AAPT made it easy. I am now a very successful Fitness Professional, thanks to AAPT!
Monika Mazur-Soto

The best school for personal training

AAPT is hands down the best school for personal training, and the teachers are the best in the business. This kind of hands-on training is equal to none…
Rafael Pineda

I loved the program!

…and my instructor (Randy Gruezo) was amazing.
Donna Wilson

AAPT: The Standard

AAPT sets the standard for hands-on personal training education.
Amaury Mercado

Thank you AAPT!

I am currently in the process of starting my own personal training business. Thank you AAPT!
Jannette La Sota

I love AAPT

I love AAPT. The experience I had was life-changing. For anyone who wants to be a personal trainer with more knowledge in exercise science, AAPT is the place to go.
Simcha Galimidi

So Happy!

The best thing that ever happened to me was attending AAPT. I am so happy!
Nancy Sullivan

The lessons learned were great

The lessons were great and taught by one of the best in the field (Brad). I believe that the knowledge gained at AAPT can lead directly to employment in the fitness industry.
Pat Davis

Loved the school!

Loved the school! It’s such a great program. I was sold the moment I walked in the door.
Cassaundra Smith

A solid base

I loved my experience at AAPT. I started my own business after school finished – Spiral Health Coaching and Fitness – and the education and connections gained through AAPT have helped me with my business immensely. The AAPT education gave me a really solid base – much more helpful than the ACSM certification that I got.
Brian Lamphier

I don’t want to leave!

I wish it was longer. I don’t want to leave.
Anna Walsh

An amazing experience!

I had an amazing experience! A great way to build the foundation of what is expected from a qualified health professional. In here you give it your all and get a lot in return, thanks everyone over at Academy.
Amaury Mercado

A special thanks!

The 3 month Personal Trainer course was very comprehensive, covering nutrition, anatomy, strength/cardio training and much more. A special thanks to an excellent instructor Ciaran Cribbs. Ciaran enthusiastically shared his wealth of knowledge and experience while always keeping the course interesting, exciting and enjoyable. His classroom lectures and gym
floor expertise are exceptional. Most of all, Ciaran always makes himself available to the students every step of the way. Thanks again to Ciaran, I am now ready to begin my second career as a personal fitness trainer.
Steve Miller

I learned what being a professional in this business really means

Initially, I thought this
would be an easy program, learning about things that I already knew. To my surprise, I learned things that go beyond training. I learned what being a professional in this business really means.
The instructor, Ciaran, presents the material in a thorough manner and made the coursework interesting and challenging. I appreciate Ciaran, sharing his expertise and being my mentor in my
new career as a personal trainer.
Claudio Silva

I Passed!!

I want to thank you for everything.  Honestly I don’t think I would’ve passed if it wasn’t for your teaching methods and knowledge.  I thought the exam was going to be tougher than I expected. But I guess AAPT took care of that by preparing me. Went as far as hugging the guy after I saw my result.  But again, Thank you.
Ariel Ortiz

My AAPT certificate is more impressive in the industry than any other school’s

AAPT is, without a doubt, the best school for those looking to become a personal trainer. The education and training are fantastic and the teachers are very knowledgeable. AAPT wants you to become an expert in all areas of fitness training, health, and wellness. I feel like my AAPT certificate is more impressive to people in the industry than any other school’s. Couldn’t have made a better decision!

Definitely worth it

The hands on experience as well as the lectures were great. I learned so much information in the classroom setting than I would on an online course. Furthermore, the certification I received does not have to be renewed, and it was definitely worth it. If would recommend this course for anyone who wants to be a personal trainer.

Thanks for the preparation

Meeting some great people here

at the job fair, presenting some great opportunities. I like that they have come to share with us the benefits of their respective clubs and organizations. Thanks AAPT for the preparation.
Jason M.

I was comfortable and ready to go

Im loving this job fair. At first I was wondering on what to say, but as soon as I had talked to the first person I was comfortable and ready to go. Crunch is the best one out there to me. So much options and growth in that business.
Kennneth Montague

AAPT opened a lot of doors for me!

AAPT is an great place to come and learn how to become a safe and effective personal trainer. They say you can only be as good as your teachers. Well I could not ask for a better instructor or a better facility to learn in. I am glad that fate sent me in this direction. AAPT has opened a lot of doors for me through their connections. I have met slot of great people from the top gyms in New York.
Dane Wooten

This was terrific

I accomplished exactly what I came here to do.
Michael Gorman

AAPT: a must for those who want to have real impact on people’s well being

This program is a must for those who want to step with confidence into the world of fitness training and make a real impact on people’s well being. The teachers are highly knowledgable and dedicated. This course is a fun and worthwhile investment!
Danielle Blair

Love the Instructors!!

Jyothi Larson

Truly life-changing!

I just want to thank the staff at AAPT Boston for the one-of-a-kind experience I had. My time at AAPT was truly life-changing in more ways than one!
Bryan Yergeau

One of the best choices I’ve ever made

AAPT was definitely one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I work in both the fitness industry and in the medical field, and I now have much more confidence and knowledge to apply in what I’m doing.
Brigitte Hamel

A Great Program!

AAPT was a great program and a very well run course for training personal trainers. It think that it is important to teach the basics and allow for students with limited background in health care to gain the necessary knowledge in a short period of time. Quality trumps quantity any day of the week.
David Stiles

I wanted a career change and AAPT gave that to me

Before coming to AAPT, I got my Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers and worked for 7 years at J&J. I wanted a career change, and AAPT gave that to me. After graduating, I worked at a gym in NYC for almost a year before ultimately moving to self-employment. Now, as the mother of a 2-year old, I have the flexibility in my schedule to do something I love for work and also be home with my son.
Dena Grbic

Very detailed and hands on

The training I received was very detailed and hands on. I have taken some time off but am looking forward to getting back into PT this spring.
Liz Malone

AAPT has opened doors that would have otherwise been closed

Without AAPT, I would not have the knowledge and foundation to be successful in the fitness industry. Being an AAPT graduate has also opened doors that would have otherwise been closed.
Carlos Jimenez


AAPT is awesome! Love the instructors and class content!
Jennifer Nilson


“The education I received from AAPT was priceless. I had been out of a formal learning environment for 8 years, and AAPT instilled the belief that I could not only learn new material, but apply it to my career. I wouldn’t be where I am if not for AAPT and their faculty. Thank you so much.”
Anant Patel

Exceeded my expectations

It exceeded my expectations. They are very professional.

The best part of all: AAPT helps its students get a job in the personal training industry

The American Academy of Personal Training exceeds the expectations of the personal training industry. The curriculum is comprehensive including an intense hands on practical component. But the best part of all, was that the school helps its students get a job in the personal training industry.
Eric K.

I enjoyed and learned so much!

I enjoyed and learned so much from this program. My instructor, Ciaran Cribbs, was a great teacher and I recommended this program to all of my friends and colleagues.
Natalie Gondre

Learned everything!

Learned everything I wanted to!
Donald Hagler


Ciaran is an amazing instructor!
Wendy Muchell


Ciaran Cribbs experience in the industry made his instruction invaluable. This degree is definitely a step toward regularity in this industry.
Holly Yots

Excited to begin my future at AAPT!!!

Thank you so much for all your help and hard work to reaching my goals and dreams as a personal trainer you’re simply amazing and a major inspiration.
Michelle James

Easy to understand

Ciaran is an amazing teacher. He breaks things down in a way that makes it easy to understand and use.
Vanessa St. Lawrence

Loved it!

I loved Ciaran as a teacher!!
Deborah Leonti

The best!

Ciaron is just the best in the business!

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you SO much for everything at AAPT, you run such an amazing school and I loved it. I passed NASM on Saturday and I’m so excited to get started! Thanks again!
Natalie Subbloie

Love them!!

Very good instructors, LOVE THEM!!
Juliana Pena