NASM Certification Prep Course

We will be offering in-person classroom courses that will review the key concepts listed below and test materials from the actual NASM exam so that anyone who wishes to sit for the test will be fully prepared to pass it. Here are the subjects that will be included in the curriculum.



Medical history

  • – Goals
  • – Medications

Physiological Statistics

  • – Body Composition
  • – Heart Rate
  • – Anthropometric Measurements
  • – Posture
  • – Movement

Subjective Assessments


Exercise Risk Factors

Medical Risk Factors

(Including Pharmacological Risk Factors)

Objective Assessments


Cardiorespiratory Training

Blood Pressure Components

(Diastolic, Systolic)

Movement Assessments

Integrated Fitness Profile

Review and Analysis

Biomechanical Assessments

Overhead Squat Test

Single-leg Squat Test

Exercise Technique

Application of Anatomy and Biomechanics to:

  • – Integrated Flexibility Training
  • – Core Training
  • – Balance Training
  • – Reactive (Power) Training
  • – Speed, Agility and Quickness Training
  • – Integrated Strength (Resistance) Training
  • – Cardiorespiratory Training

Program Design

Goal-Specific Opt™ Programs

Stabilization Opt™ Programs

Strength Opt™ Programs

Power Opt™ Programs

Cardiorespiratory Training Programs



Vitamins and Minerals

Nutritional Guidelines for General Health

General Requirements for Health Maintenance

Nutritional Guidelines for Body Composition Alteration

  • – General Requirements for Lean Mass Gain
  • – General Requirements for Body Fat Loss

Nutritional Guidelines for Enhancing Athletic Performance

Client Relations and Administration

Customer Service

Motivation Styles and Client Retention

Client Education

Goal Setting

Communication Skills

Professional Practice and Responsibility

NASM Standards of Professional

Practice and Code of Ethics

Recognizing Confidential Information

Understanding Local and National Regulations

  • – Emergency Situation Guidelines

Hours: 30

Cost: $250


Photo ID

Proof of high school graduation or GED