Become A Personal Trainer with NASM Certification

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AAPT and NASM have joined forces to give you AAPT’s premier classroom and hands-on training in New York & Boston, while you prepare for your NASM Certification exam. And the exam fee is included in the tuition.

Why our personal training school is better than all other personal training schools:

1. You can earn 3 prestigious credentials in only 3 months for the price of 1.

AAPT students graduate with the AAPT Personal Training Certificate. In addition to the personal training certificate, AAPT fully prepares students to pass the NASM Certification exam. As an AAPT graduate you’ll also be awarded the NASM Certification of Academic Distinction after passing the NASM Certification exam.

2. There are no additional tuition or fees for NASM training or certification.

This means you won’t have to pay for a separate NASM Certification Preparation course or the cost of the exam because that’s included in AAPT’s curriculum and tuition.

The Bottom Line?

Simple. As an AAPT grad with NASM Certification you’ll know more, get hired faster as a fitness trainer, in higher positions and for more money – a NASM study shows up to 15% more.

Why would you choose another personal training school to start your career as a physical trainer?

Answer: You wouldn’t.


One of the Leading NASM Accredited Schools in NYC

Whether you want to be a personal trainer working in a gym, or are thinking of a freelance career, it’s vital that the qualifications you obtain are high-quality and widely recognized. Having the certifications employers and the public want is crucial to your future career success. The NASM accreditation that we offer is well-known within the fitness industry and provides an excellent basis on which to start your personal training work.


NASM Personal Fitness Training in NYC

Our personal fitness training is conveniently located in NYC, easily accessible by students from the surrounding area. The courses we offer incorporate up to 300 hours of training, covering a broad range of topics that include nutrition and the creation of customized training plans, as well as providing a wealth of information on how to start and grow your own personal training business.


NASM Personal Fitness Training

At both our Boston and NYC training schools, our students can expect to enjoy competitively priced provision that offers excellent value. We provide the opportunity to pay for your training in easy installments, offering an excellent selection of payment plans which ensure our courses are as accessible to as many students as possible.


NASM Accredited Schools in Boston

Our schools are designed to provide everything needed for our students to obtain not only the qualifications they need, but also benefit from a range of other benefits, including job fairs, business start-up advice and plenty more. To find out more about what we can offer or to start your application process, call us at (212) 242-2278 (NYC) or (617) 267-2278 (Boston).