Changing Careers

The majority of our students are leaving other fields to become certified personal trainers. We educate them for personal training certification and guide them through their career transition.

Approximately 60% of our students are career changers, each one leaving his or her chosen field to become a fitness instructor and qualify for top personal training certification.

For many, fitness has always been a personal passion. The sudden inspiration to make it a career is often prompted by a job loss, recent retirement, dissatisfaction with one’s current career, or a family situation change. No matter what your reason, count on this pursuit to be exciting, challenging, and enormously rewarding. Here are people just like you who have done it.

Chris Connolly

Then Construction
Now Master Trainer, Boston Sports Clubs

“I was struggling to make ends meet working in construction for years. I decided to make a change, so I signed up at AAPT. Best decision I ever made. Before I had even graduated, I landed a job with my first choice employer. It’s now a year later, I live comfortably and I honestly enjoy going to work every day.”

Patty Carter

Then Government Office
Now Owner, Fitness Together

“I worked in a government office for 17 years and never felt like it was what I wanted. My passion has always been for fitness and nutrition. So I enrolled in the American Academy of Personal Training, and started my journey toward becoming a trainer. Upon graduating from AAPT, I was presented with an unbelievable opportunity to purchase Fitness Together. I left my office job to become not only a personal trainer, but a business owner. I feel like I haven’t worked a single day since. I absolutely love what I do. Thank you, AAPT! I am one very grateful graduate!”

Joe Rindone

Then Parking Management
Now Owner, Get Tone With Rindone

“A career change was a must for me. When I enrolled for the full-time evening class at AAPT, I was also still working full-time during the day, but I looked forward to class every night. It was by far one of the best experiences of my life. Now, two years later, I run my own personal training company, Get Tone with Rindone, and have two very successful Boot Camps along with an abundance of private clients. This is the career I’ve always wanted, and I’m making it happen.”