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“AAPT is awesome, top-to-bottom. The school is far more affordable than the competition, works around your schedule, and teaches students in a way that’s as fun as possible while giving you the necessary information to get you up and running as a personal trainer.

Harry Hanson, the owner of the school. Couldn’t have been more helpful in getting me signed up and working with me as far as making up hours due to my full-time job, answering any questions I had before committing to the program, recommending the best ways to study the complicated but interesting material and more.

Norberto Quiles, the weekend instructor (the class I signed up for). He’s patient, understanding but thorough in teaching the material. Especially for someone with zero experience in the field, he makes the material as understandable as possible and fun at the same time. The hands-on instructing is head-and-shoulders above doing a program like this online.

The staff as a whole also works with you on a one-on-one basis to address any issues or needs that might arise. If you want to be a trainer, check the school out and feel confident in your decision to become a student.
Josh F.

Personal Training Certification Courses in New York

Our mission at the American Academy of Personal Training is to create an environment of hands-on learning in which students may develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become leaders in the personal training industry and achieve rewarding careers as fitness professionals. Through the promotion of education and higher standards, AAPT and its graduates, enrolled in our personal trainer academy are raising the bar on what it means to be a professional personal trainer.

Leading Personal Training Institute

With a well-rounded curriculum, skilled mentors, and an unwavering commitment to quality hands-on training, AAPT can say with confidence that it’s among the best personal training academies in the U.S. in both New York and Boston.

What sets us apart? Our commitment to delivering thoughtfully-constructed, high-quality personal training programs that prime students for new careers in the industry and help existing fitness professionals advance their careers. Learn more about the AAPT difference below.

Personal Trainer Classes & Balanced Curriculum

Our training provides practical hands-on instruction (48 hours). AAPT students also learn about the business of personal training, how to conduct health and fitness assessments on clients, and how to design personal training sessions. You’ll be well-positioned to work with clients in a variety of settings, from fitness centers to private homes and healthcare environments.

Highly-Skilled and Knowledgeable Faculty

Our talented instructors deliver the essential information AAPT students need in a fun and interesting learning environment. With many decades of combined industry experience, our instructors share their personal stories and experiences along with our robust curriculum. AAPT’s founder, Harry Hanson, has become one of the most sought-after fitness gurus in New York and across the nation. Hanson launched AAPT in 2007 to help improve the standards of the personal training profession through a quality, affordable fitness training program.

Flexible Class Schedules

In just 48 hours of hands-on training, our students gain an impressive wealth of knowledge in health, fitness, nutrition, and fitness instruction. That’s because we’ve designed our program efficiently to deliver the most information in the least amount of time…not a moment is wasted. We’ve created a flexible course that works for everyone, whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home dad. Our partnership with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) means that AAPT fitness trainer students can earn their way to personal training certification with the help of our personal training programs in NYC. Preparation for the NASM exam is here waiting for you!

Contact AAPT today to learn more about enrolling in the best fitness training program available and get answers to common questions on our FAQ page.

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