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Why choose AAPT?

Because we’re the only school to include NASM exam preparation in our curriculum and the NASM exam fee in our tuition.

Get three certificates in three months for one price: the AAPT Certificate and two NASM Certifications after you pass the NASM exam.

AAPT’s hands-on curriculum combines equal amounts of classroom and practical instruction, conducted on-site with our experienced faculty. This style of learning enables students to develop confidence and aptitude in not only the science and business of personal training, but also in the everyday, practical aspects of the job.

First US Personal Trainer School to Receive US Department of Education Recognition

In 2011, AAPT became the first US personal training school to receive US Department of Education recognition as a nationally accredited institution and continues to lead the charge toward higher standards and better opportunities in fitness education.

Course content

The AAPT course of study is focused on preparing students to work one-on-one with clients in a variety of settings. Graduates have a solid foundation in exercise science, training adaptations, and exercise prescription that far exceeds current standards in the industry.

Fulfilling student potential

At AAPT, our primary objective is to bring students to a level of competency that qualifies them for both initial employment and for sustained success and career advancement as fitness professionals. We strive to fulfill this objective by realizing the individual potential of each student in a supportive and challenging learning environment. To ensure the best possible mentorship, we have recruited a faculty team that has met rigorous academic and professional requirements. They are seasoned professionals who also love to teach just as much as they love fitness.

Regulatory oversight and memberships

Our success as a school is measured by the success of our graduates. Likewise, the needs of the fitness community determine the objectives of our curriculum. So how do we ensure that we’re doing a good job? In addition to the direct feedback we get from our students, alumni and employer network, these regulatory bodies help to keep us on track:

  • Council on Occupational Education

    Accredits AAPT nationally as a school that meets the highest standard of quality in career and technical education; Reviews AAPT’s accreditation annually to assure those standards are maintained and the fitness industry’s growing need for highly trained professionals continues to be met.

  • Departments of Education

    Licenses AAPT to operate occupational schools in the states of New York and Massachusetts.

  • AAPT’s Occupational Advisory Committee (AAPT OAC)

    Provides AAPT with industry-specific guidance to ensure that the school mission and coursework remain relevant and up-to-date according to current practices and standards in personal training.

  • AAPT’s Institutional Advisory Committee (AAPT IAC)

    Provides AAPT with community-specific guidance to ensure that the school objectives are appropriate to meet the local employment needs of the community.

  • Better Business Bureau

    Accredits AAPT as a business that demonstrates fair, honest, reliable, transparent and responsive business practices.

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